Breathing Room Summer 2018

5 Q: What will the new hospital look like? Q: When will the project be completed? Q: Can I see what's going on? Q: How can I help? Mail a donation in the enclosed envelope or make a safe, secure donation online at Thank you for your continued support of Barlow Respiratory Hospital. BARLOW Master Plan Q+A Artist Rendering of new Barlow Respiratory Hospital lobby Zakian Woo Architects A: Our new hospital will feature a sleek sophisticated exterior and a state-of-the-art interior that will function as a high capacity modern hospital to serve patients for generations. Our patient care experience and our commitment to providing exceptional service will not change. Our new hospital will: Protect, Preserve and Reinforce Our Historic 1927 Los Angeles Hospital Building Increase our current 6 Bed Open ICU Unit to a New ICU Unit with 8 Private Beds Increase Private Bed Count from 15 private rooms to 26 private rooms Increase Single Room Size from 140 sq ft to 267 sq ft Increase Shared Room Size from 205 sq ft to 450 sq ft Build Brand New Nursing Stations Build a New Therapy Suite Build a Surgical Suite for On-site Procedures Build Upon Our Legacy of Exceptional, Award-Winning Patient Care A: This multi-phased plan includes long-range and immediate improvements to Barlow Respiratory Hospital's main location in Los Angeles. Our expectation is to open the doors to our new hospital building in 2022. A: Work has already begun to complete necessary retrofits to our existing hospital. This enables us to continue to provide care in our current building while the construction of new a hospital is completed within the adjoining space. The Barlow Master plan is designed to ensure minimal impact to overall patient care throughout the project. A: The majority of the work to ReBuild Barlow will take place within the existing hospital walls. This allows us to move forward with minimal impact on our neighbors and surrounding community. We welcome you to contact us for a tour at any time. A: Details on The Campaign to ReBuild Barlow Respiratory Hospital will be unveiled very soon. We invite you to connect directly with our Barlow Foundation Director of Development, Rebecca Suter 213-202-6840 or by email Q: What about patient care during construction?