Breathing Room Summer 2018

he paused for a breath and to g 2 “Thank You Barlow” Jenny, a retired Adult Education teacher, is the heart of her family and her husband and two adult daughters feared they would lose her. The emotions were still fresh with husband Kavin when we visited the family home after Jenny's discharge from Barlow. In a cozy living room filled with plants, pottery, family photos and framed needlepoint, and with tears welling in his eyes, Kavin struggled to put the experience into words. "When you almost lost . . . ” ather his thoughts, momentarily unable to go on. Then, he found another way to phrase his thought, "and then you won," he smiled and recounted how they had celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary while Jenny was still hospitalized at Barlow. Jenny reminded us that she was aware how much our entire Barlow team contributed to her recovery, "It does take a village. Thank you Barlow!" I knew about Barlow as a Sanatorium for Tuberculosis. I grew up around there. I saw Dodger Stadium being built. I was surprised to learn that Barlow could help me and I was so glad when I got there. It was like a miracle. Now, I have something to live for. I started crying, not crying like a baby, but tears of joy." - PS "I'm blessed to be here today. When I came in to Barlow, I was pretty close to death. If I'd been anywhere else, I'm not sure I would have made it. Your team was awesome. Thank you, Barlow!" - SL Our patients continue to tell us about their experience at Barlow and have been generous in their praise. Barlow Respiratory Hospital has been recertified by the Joint Commission with the Gold Seal of Approval® Certification for Respiratory Failure, the FIRST healthcare organization in California to achieve this certification, awarded after a rigorous on-site review and compliance evaluation of care standards and clinical practice and performance measures. Barlow has also been selected as the ONLY Center of Excellence in the Western United States for the Passy Muir speaking valve, recognized for treating patients with tracheostomies, on and off the ventilator. It is our expertise and our exceptional team that make these achievements possible. Jenny DeWitt laughs when she remembers regaining her ability to speak at Barlow Respiratory Hospital. She is known as a talker. She was hospitalized at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Van Nuys and was weaned from the ventilator and fitted with a Passy Muir Speaking Valve. To hear a loved one's voice again is a gift. Jenny's family was extremely grateful. Her grandsons were thrilled. As a thank you, the family agreed to be filmed for a Passy Muir Speaking Valve educational video that will help to train respiratory, rehabilitation and healthcare professionals on how to prepare for and use the valve. But it was more than not being able to speak.