Breathing Room Summer 2018

3 By Amit Mohan, PhD, FACHE, FACMPE President & Chief Executive Officer, Barlow Respiratory Hospital LOOKING FORWARD Support Us To ReBUILD BARLOW Amit Mohan Barlow Respiratory Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital with a legacy of more than one hundred years of specialized services. Our patients are chronically critically ill, the sickest of the sick, often hovering between life and death. Physicians and family members turn to Barlow Respiratory Hospital for hope when there seems to be no hope. They trust our expertise and our reputation for exceptional care for the sickest of the sick. Over the past several years our goal to build a new hospital to meet seismic requirements faced daunting challenges. We feared we may have to abandon both our current building and our desire to fulfill our mission in a modern patient care space. Then, a comprehensive engineering study indicated we could build a brand new hospital within an existing, adjoining underutilized structure. Our Master Plan to ReBuild Barlow reflects a significant rethinking of how to support the life-saving care provided to patients served by Barlow Respiratory Hospital. Work has already commenced on the scoping phase. We plan to begin construction in October on our Master Plan to achieve our objective to create an entirely new higher capacity modern hospital to serve patients for generations. When we rebuild the hospital from the inside out within the walls of our existing hospital building, it saves us the cost and commotion of breaking ground on a new building. It preserves the significant history of Barlow, and expands services on campus – all for a much lower cost than building a new hospital from the ground up. We look forward to your support in helping us complete the construction. Please consider donating and being a part of this important campaign. Naming Rights as well as space on our Legacy Wall are available and all contributions will have a lasting impact. Sincerely, Our Master Plan to ReBuild Barlow creates a new hospital to serve patients and families for generations with the extraordinary care unique to Barlow. After extensive study, we have determined an innovative way to build a new hospital and expand services at a much lower cost than previously projected.